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Adding support for VisualStudio 2022 to your extension
, Author: Cezary Piątek

I published my first VisualStudio extension on 26th February 2018. It was initially created for Visual Studio 2017, but a few months later Visual Studio 2019 came out and I needed to support it as I was one of the beneficent. The migration was straightforward: it required only to extend InstallationTarget range to [15.0,17.0) in vsixmanifest, re-compile, and of course, re-publish the extension to the Visual Studio marketplace. Recently, the Visual Studio 2022 Preview was published. ... Read More

Readable and clear tests for ASP.NET Core services
, Author: Cezary Piątek

For the last year, I’ve had an opportunity to work quite a lot with Component Tests for microservices built with ASP.NET Core. The vocabulary related to testing is very vague and terms like Unit, Component, and Integration tests can be interpreted differently based on the context, so let me explain first what I mean by Component Tests. It’s a kind of test that treats your whole service as a black box. ... Read More

Testing WebAPI with ApprovalTests.NET
, Author: Cezary Piątek

In this blog post, I’m going to share my experience on testing ASP.NET Core applications by applying an unconventional method called snapshot assertions. In comparison to the classical approach, this method should save you a lot of time and improve assertions maintainability.

... Read More

Pure functions and unused return values
, Author: Cezary Piątek

A while ago I came across “Quick notes on a rant” authored by Don Syme. This rant criticizes the C# language for the lack of a few important features. The first point is "Implicitly discarding information is so 20th Century" which brings our attention to one of the sources of bugs in C# programs. Lucky me, I got the pleasure to make this kind of bug and find it later in production code, so this blog post is to save you the trouble. ... Read More

Github Actions for Visual Studio Extension developers
, Author: Cezary Piątek

I discovered the power of Roslyn over three years ago and since then I’ve developed three Visual Studio extensions and a couple of code analyzers. Because I work on those tools only in my free time, the word “time” is a key here, so automation really matters. So far I’ve been using AppVeyor for building and testing my extensions. However, I’m a huge fan of integrated solutions because they require much less work for setup, and since GithubActions became generally available I wanted to give it a try. ... Read More