1. Mapping Generator

    “AutoMapper” like, Roslyn based, code fix provider that allows to generate mapping code in design time. You can download it as Visual Studio Extension from Visual Studio Marketplace.

  2. Tellurium

    A utility pack to create maintainable and reliable UI tests using Selenium with additional support for ASP.NET MVC projects.

  3. Project Graphs

    PowerShell module to draw a graph of c# projects dependencies. It can also spot some kind of issues with libraries and nuget packages references (for example: multiple version of the same library\package).

  4. VanillaTransformer

    VanillaTransformer is a simple generic text file transformer. It was designed for configuration transforming as an alternative for XML-Document-Transform tool. Unlike XML-DT, it works with any kind of text file (not only XML) and is much simpler to use.

  5. Code Topology

    Tool to visualise your codebase

  6. DependencyGraph

    A small F# application to visualize .net assembly dependencies.