About me

I’m a passionate software developer with over 7 years of professional experience. Most of the time I’ve been designing and developing front-end solutions for companies from the financial sector. I’ve been working on desktop and web-based software development using Microsoft .NET platform and attending projects using WPF, Silverlight and MVC frameworks.
In the last few years, I’ve moved my interest from front-end to back-end development and got more engaged with the architectural aspects of the software development. As a speaker and co-organizer of Cracow’s .NET Developers Community Group, as well as Open Source contributor, I’m trying to have a real impact on the developer’s community. In my spare time, I blog about Selenium, DevOps and .NET related topics. I’m a huge fan of automation and enthusiast of software craftsmanship, clean code and domain driven design.

I started programming at 10 years old trying to retype some simple Basic programs from an old user guide to my C-64. It was just a temporary hobby but a few years later I bought a programmer magazine with C++ Builder on CD and started to write my first real programs. In high school, I got interested in web development using Html, JavaScript, and PHP. I graduated from the University of Science and Technology AGH (Cracow, Poland). At university, I didn’t learn too much useful stuff but I got a basic knowledge of C, C++, Java, and algorithms. In my free time, I’ve started to learn C# and getting familiar with the Microsoft .NET platform. I am currently employed as a senior software developer for a private company in Cracow, Poland.