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Hunt your bugs in design time
, Author: Cezary Piątek

Static analysis is a powerful feature of Visual Studio that helps us to spot syntax and semantic errors in our code. It works very well on currently edited file and runs on the whole solution as one of the compilation stages. But it would be a waste of time to run compilation every time you make changes that affect code outside currently edited file, only to check that you didn’t cause any compilation errors. ... Read More

Save your history - TortoiseSVN and "Repair move" option.
, Author: Cezary Piątek

TortoiseSVN has a function named simply “rename” which allows you to change the file name and keep the file history as well. But what if we change the file name for example during refactoring using Visual Studio? Are we fated to lose file history? Fortunately TortoiseSVN has an interesting option called “repair move”.

... Read More

Don't write dull code - Resharper Live Templates
, Author: Cezary Piątek

One of the greatest features of Resharper are Live Templates. They can speed up your code typing and help you focus only on what is most important (you don’t need to remember and retype anymore long ‘dull’ code constructions). Live Templates are similar to Visual Studio code snippets but are easier to define and introduce smart parameters that help you in faster code completion. Template Explorer 🔗︎ You can manage Live Templates in Templates Explorer from RESHARPER menu (RESHARPER -> Template Explorer…). ... Read More