Articles about: GithubActions

I published my first VisualStudio extension on 26th February 2018. It was initially created for Visual Studio 2017, but a few months later Visual Studio 2019 came out and I needed to support it as I was one of the beneficent. The migration was straightforward: it required only to extend InstallationTarget range to [15.0,17.0) in vsixmanifest, re-compile, and of course, re-publish the extension to the Visual Studio marketplace. Recently, the Visual Studio 2022 Preview was published. ... Read More

I discovered the power of Roslyn over three years ago and since then I’ve developed three Visual Studio extensions and a couple of code analyzers. Because I work on those tools only in my free time, the word “time” is a key here, so automation really matters. So far I’ve been using AppVeyor for building and testing my extensions. However, I’m a huge fan of integrated solutions because they require much less work for setup, and since GithubActions became generally available I wanted to give it a try. ... Read More